screen grab of Where in China Is? game

Where in China is?

Can you find the Terracotta Army or the Great Wall of China in this vast country? You'll start this game with 5000 miles and lose 500 miles for every wrong answer. Your challenge is to get to Shanghai before you run out of miles.

screen grab of Know Your Dynasties game

Know Your Dynasties

Each dynasty has left its mark on China. Even today, the Chinese refer to historical events not by their date but by the dynasty in which they took place. That's why you need to know your dynasties!

Take our quiz and match the cards to the dynasty. See how many you can get right before the time runs out…

images of 6 Chinese emperors

Which Emperor Are You?

Being emperor of China was one of the toughest jobs in the world. The Chinese believed that an emperor's right to rule was bestowed by heaven. If the emperor failed to govern responsibly or mistreated the people, his right to rule - the 'Mandate of Heaven' - could be withdrawn. Natural disasters such as floods or famines could also be seen as evidence that the emperor had lost the support of heaven - and should be overthrown.

Imagine you have gone back in time, and you are a Chinese emperor. How would you run your empire? Take the quiz and see which famous emperor you would have been.

screen grab of Can You Read Shang? game

Can You Read Shang?

The Shang were the first Chinese people to invent writing. The Shang people, who lived over 3000 years ago, etched characters - pictures - onto bones. Shang writing is known as 'oracle bone script'. Other ancient scripts, such as Egypt's hieroglyphics, fell out of use, but oracle bone script developed into the modern characters which Chinese people still use today. See if you can match the Shang 'pictures' to the English words - and then choose the corresponding modern Chinese character.